Pants BYBU Men's Casual Military Army Cargo Work Pants GNBDUTBQS

Pants BYBU Men's Casual Military Army Cargo Work Pants GNBDUTBQS

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Blended cottonHere is the size of China from Asia, please pay attention to check your size, due to the different sizes of the area will be different, all suggest that you choose a size larger than usual size.US 31=China 32:Length:41.34"(105cm), Waist:32.28"(82cm), Hip:40.94"(104cm)US 33=China 34:Length:42.13"(107cm), Waist:34.25"(87cm), Hip:42.91"(109cm)US 35=China 36:Length:42.91"(109cm), Waist:36.22"(92cm), Hip:44.88"(114cm)US 37=China 38:Length:43.70"(111cm), Waist:38.19"(97cm), Hip:46.85"(119cm)

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Material:Blended cotton
Size details:
US 28=China 29:Length:40.16"(102cm), Waist:29.53"(75cm), Hip:38.19"(97cm);
US 29=China 30:Length:40.55"(103cm), Waist:30.31"(77cm), Hip:38.98"(99cm);
US 30=China 31:Length:40.94"(104cm), Waist:31.50"(80cm), Hip:40.16"(102cm);
US 31=China 32:Length:41.34"(105cm), Waist:32.28"(82cm), Hip:40.94"(104cm);
US 33=China 34:Length:42.13"(107cm), Waist:34.25"(87cm), Hip:42.91"(109cm);
US 35=China 36:Length:42.91"(109cm), Waist:36.22"(92cm), Hip:44.88"(114cm);
US 37=China 38:Length:43.70"(111cm), Waist:38.19"(97cm), Hip:46.85"(119cm);

BYBU Men's Casual Military Army Cargo Work Pants GNBDUTBQS

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